This thread isn’t actually meant for anything accept a rant… and here it goes…

So, I’ve been playing Matrix Online for a while now and I’ve never gotten to experience the full thing because my graphics card totally sucked (Radeon 32MB). So I decided to buy a brand new graphics card. So I went to The Matrix Online website to see which graphics card the game supports, it said All Nvidia cards supported. I say great because I’ve always loved Nvidia and I’ve heard great things about them! So I go out and buy a Nvidia MX 4000 128MB Graphics card, install it, install the drivers, and load up Matrix Online. But when the game actually starts it says my graphics card is not good enough and I’ll most likely experience technical difficulties. So I reboot and try again, same message. So I go to the website and write the Support Staff and email explaining my dilema. They wrote back saying that that type of Nvidia card is not supported by MxO, even though they’re website said it was! When I checked again, they had updated it with a list of graphics cards not supported by Matrix Online! And to top it off, Best Buy wouldn’t take the graphics card back because it was already opened. :upset:

■■■■ you Matrix Online and Best Buy… ■■■■ you all to hell!

End of Rant