Grungy paper/fabric things - what do u think?

With a little too much time on my hands I had a bit of a play around with some ideas for my site, just playing with PS filters/brushes realy, site would be much more refined-- if I ever get round to do it properly --anyway your comments, opinions, criticisms etc.

Looks very grungy. Good work :smiley:

Wow! They look great! I love the second one!

Koorb, what’s the font you used on the first one, the one that says KOORB?

I’ve been looking for that font forever!

lol Thanks guy’s. Sharif - It’s the font from silent hill its called Silent Hell of Cheryl koorb is in caps studio is in lower case.

Thanks :love:! The font looks great.

nice, i like the second one as well. :slight_smile:

I was thinking about using the second one with a flash page turn effect, and have it as an actual book.

something like this :smiley: (only needs a LOT of tidying up - just a test)

Thats ****ing awesome!

Whoa… cool.

crap that book rocks!!!

You using Pixelwits page flip? I did something similar a couple months ago here Ah. the memories :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I really like number 2 in the first post, thats killer work.

That’s great, but I just think that page flip is overdone ;).

It was an experiment, wasn’t actually going to use it for anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was talking to koorb :to:.

Thanks ppl - much apreciated :smiley:

ah, great minds Colin :wink:

Sharif - You think my pagefips ott ? well I wouldnt have the same textures on every page, and the shadows (I hope) will fit to the page. And I was realy only thinking like, front page, turn page to portfolio or something not the entire site. I’ll have to see. Thanks all keep the input coming :smiley:

looks very good. I have a script (page turn) that a friend of mine developed for me…you can see it here. I will be making it available for free very soon…so if interested let me know.

that works realy well DDD. The script I used, I think was mentioned her at some point.

[AS]//this code [actionscript page turn] is
//written by Macc 2004.01.31,
//[email protected]
//original idea by Mario Klingemann from
//use it if you want, but a small credit would be nice[/AS]

I like it especially, cos you can grab the page anywhere, any corner. The reason the shadows are weird is I quickly put it together, the page graphics are a tad smaller that the script, and silly me, I left the drop shadow on the page texture, so looks odd too.

Koorb, I disabled some of that in mine, I can send you the .fla if I have it laying around somewhere if you want, to see what I did. I’m supposing we’re using the same one too, unless you developed that yourself.

I had used that script too, but ran into problems when I wanted to embed movies that required a click because it would activate the page turn…Mine you can set the hot spot for the page turn and a bunch of other parameters by XML…pretty slick. But your script works very good.