Guess what... another infinite menu problem!

i took a look at the other threads but mine’s a little different…

i made sort of a “viewer” type thing in fireworks so i just want the infinite menu in a portion of the viewer… so the length of it isn’t the entire size of the movie, just a small portion … it keeps skipping when it hits a certain point… i’ve been trying to tweak the pixel dimensions in the actionscript but i can’t seem to get anything to work… here’s my .fla, it should make things a little bit clearer

thx for the help

nope… you problem is not different than the others. :stuck_out_tongue:
you just need to adjust some values in the script. :wink:

hehe i thought so but i couldn’t get the right values ;p… i’ll check it out… thx dawg

just checked it out, works great… for future reference, where’d you get the 111 from??

_x-_width/2 =)