Guess Who's Bizzack!

Cali is the best place to ever visit, but I’m glad I am home now cause I missed my truck sooooo ■■■■ bad and my friends…i never thought of how lonely 11 days without my friends and personal posessions would be but next time I go to cali its gonna be a road trip! Oh yea, sorry edwin, I should have stopped by your house bro!

Welcome back.

bows to the flash masta


Hang on a minute - you missed your truck?!?

Sitting in her chair cradling her PS2 in a Blofeld type kinda way Honestly, boys and their toys…

w…w…wait, “cradling her ps2”?
anywho, dalu (your new nickname here out), when are you gonna take a roadtrip here in the east coast? when/if you do, stop by VA.