Anyone know where I can get a Guestbook application to insert into my Flash site? Please help!


Check flashkit and

pom :asian:

Flashkit has a nice tutorial but had nothing.

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This is the one I use:

It’s really easy and doesn’t rely on a database or anything complicated really.

Thanks for the url. I just found out from my host, however, that I would have to pay US$20/mth to get PHP support for my site. So I would love to find one that doesn’t require PHP or MySQL or anything like that. But then again, I probably need those to work a database, right? Or is there a different solution that someone has?

No escape, man. To use a DBase, you’re gonna have to use MySql or Access or whatever. And to use them from a Web page, you’re gonna have to use PHP or ASP.

It’s a tough world we’re living in.

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