Guidance: Which TechBooks Should I Read?

Actually speaking I am looking forward to learn some web programming language that has good compatibility with flash as well and individually rocks too, can i opt .Net technology or PHP, am a GUI designer with the knowledge of **HTML **and javascripts and fair amount of Actionscript too, all my doubt is which book do i go for, remember am a beginner, I found the below 2 .net books for beginners, does any have more better book source, which would you suggest for me, am totally into web development, browsing for books in amazon i came across the below:

1)Beginning ASP.NET 1.0 with VB.NETby Chris Ullman, et al

2)Beginning ASP.NET Using C#

i also have a book “begining PHP4.0”

I have no clue how will or C# will be of use to me.
your suggestion is appreciated please. below r the amazon links.
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Hey Gerald!
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Kirupa :book:

Then why even consider them…

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I couldnt get you, am sorry, can you explain it a lil more clearly what you trying to convey please.


thanks a ton for your favour kirupa, hope I ll get a reply soon.

he’s saying that typing “r” is silly when “a” and “r” are about half a hair away.

would be pleased to have a straight forward answer plz…thanks ,

^all free and all you’ll probably need for a while - im not big on books for programming - but these are free and have tons of examples and information for you, as well as articles and tutorials and walkthroughs.