Guitarists: Show us your axe!

Hiya, searched the forum and didn’t see a similar thread so here ya go.
I bet there are a lot of guitarists on this forum (I don’t know why, but nearly every designer I know plays the guitar) so here’s the thread to talk about it.
I’ve been playing the acoustic for a couple of months and can already play some pretty advanced stuff (Classical Gas, that one took me ages to learn :)) and was planning on buying an electric soon so I don’t have to use one of my school’s axes everytime my bands practises.
Been planning on buying a Stratocaster or Dinky (used or new depends on how much money I make this summer) .
So, what kinda guitars do you guys own, do you play in bands etc.?
Any tips on what electric guitar to buy?

Im a stratocaster fan :thumb:

Check it out… Just got it By the way :stuck_out_tongue:

nice, an ibanez sa? do you have it in that colour or just that model?

I have it in a darker shade of blue… And It’s the Ibanez GRG170

I have a Fender Stratocaster which was originally red, but i have removed the painting.

Oh great! I love playing the guitar, here’s a pic of mine. Slammer Hamer.

Hey, Claudio and I have the same birthday and the same guitar :smiley: Fender Strat:

**edited with a new link…photobucket is being a pain :smiley:

it’s the feared “red x” guitar :open_mouth:
just attach the image to your post :slight_smile:

I have a Carson Double Cut away Les Paul copy, an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and plan on buying an ESP super strat soon… I reccomend the Les Paul :slight_smile: easy to play, cheap n good tone :slight_smile:

I have a squire strat that looks exactly like Adam’s except the fretboard is some snazzy dark wood.

no pic, xxviii?

Hm, I could dig out the digital camera, give me 10 minutes.

And, fiery_RS, that’s a nice looking Les Paul. I had the pleasure of playing one for a night once…very nice, and yes, easy to play :smiley:

Hurr it is.

Very nice looking, xxviii…and yes very similar to mine…ok, so upload your mp3 now :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, unlike the rest of you I’m terrible at the guitar, I’ve only had it for like 2 months and can only play like half of 4 or 5 songs… sad stuff, sad stuff.

Thanx :slight_smile: Its a beut… cost me £300… I’ve played guitars worth twice as much and I always go back to that one…

Thanx :slight_smile: Its a beut… cost me £300… I’ve played guitars worth twice as much and I always go back to that one…

Man, I was thinking about getting a Warlock Bcrich guitar for about 150 from a cousin from mine. Man those things are sick, and a Cry Baby pedal.