Guys I need help with using a dynamic textfield...I am on my wits end!

To see error with textfield:

Source files in:

Here is how files work to deal with this problem:

main.fla is main file that loads all other swfs. home.fla is the fla with the dynamic textfield that is not working correctly.

here is what is happening:

After Flash intro the home.swf loads an external jpg (mainpic.jpg) and alos loads in external .txt file (mainpic.txt). In actionscript I create a 1x1 textfield called myTxt and make it dynamic, renderable of html, and autosize so it keeps its right margin. I also have an invisible button over the loaded jpg so whenever user scrolls over the jpeg the textfield will tween into place and become visible to the user.

The problem is that if the .txt external file contains more than 2 lines is that when user is looking at site the textfield will be visible underneath the main menu (again you can see what I mean by looking at the site).

Well I’ve tried multiple things:

(1) Put the textfield under the mask and made the fonts embedded for alphanumeric characters but when I do this the textfield doesnt autosize and therefore shows no text and if fonts not embedded the textfield doesnt even show up under the msak.

Can you guys please look at my source files (mostly main.fla and home.fla) and please see if you could get something working. This little problem has had me frustrated for over 2 days now.