Half-Life 2 Game Files released over Steam

“For those of us using Valve Software’s Steam platform, we can now begin ‘preloading’ Half-Life 2. The article explains that this will download an encrypted version of the game that you can unlock when you purchase it. They only say that purchase options will be available soon.”

YES! :smiley:

I read that last night - I bet someone will find a way to break that encryption, but at the same time, I think that Valve kind of wants that…

Well, from what I’ve read, it’s only textures and sounds, no actual executables - so even if the encryption is cracked, it’s still not playable.

A lot of people have been downloading the files - on the steam status page the bandwidth jumps about 1000Mbit when the files are released.

I was playing CS:S beta with someone from Valve and he said they’re preparing for a September release :smiley:

because you know steam always works, and never crashes at all lol

but sounds interesting none the less - now my steam directory can take up 3 gigs!