100% Photoshop
I make the hands for a company brochur.
Wha ya all think?
hehe they are yellow:crazy:

they’re pretty good :slight_smile:

you seem to have the basic form of them down pat, but i think they just look a bit unnatural, almost like they’re gloves or some other material… it must be the way they’re rendered, especially in the folds… just doesn’t look quite right i think

still, they’re easily identifiable as hands :slight_smile: and doing them in PS must be hard, i imagine

Thank you my fav is the one on the middle.

if you were going for realism (probably not) then they are a bit too yellow, lol. They look fairly stylized though and I like em! is there more to the one in the upper left? I like the middle one the best too.

oo hands are hard to draw guys dont forget. i like em, middle is the best but good job.

Yeah, what is it about people in general that’s so hard to draw/replicate?

By the way, very nice. It look’s drawn, but still clearly hands. As previously mentioned, it doesn’t look like it’s skin, more like a glove.


*Originally posted by Coppertop *
**Yeah, what is it about people in general that’s so hard to draw/replicate?

i think one thing is that we see other people everyday, so we are really used to what they look like… so it’s easy to see when a pose looks unnatural or something is a bit off.

also, hands (and people as a whole) are actually organic, natural, alive things which means that when reproducing them artificially (i.e drawing) it’s hard to capture that natural flowing aspect

just my 0.02

I have to work in the colors.