Happy Birthday Bit-101!

I checked the board this morning and I just happened to glance at the birthdays and saw it was Keith Peters birthday today!

I wanted to be the first to say it soooo…


Hopefully life will treat you well in the next year (and for the rest of your life for that matter).

Well, technically, you’re not the first one cos I wished him a HB last week. I screwed up, I know :x

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am the first one to do it <B><I><U>ON</U></I></B> his birthday :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW Ilyas, your birthday is only 8 days after mine :beam:

In a looooooooong time… :*(

:frowning: It will come eventually :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday bit-101!!
Hope you have a great year and, I hope you keep on writing the killer articles you write for numerous books.

Kirupa C:-)

thanks all!
yes, ilyas was kind enough to wish me happy birthday on my anniversary! but he did send me a cake this morning :slight_smile:

Happy birthday bit-101 :slight_smile: