Happy Birthday Kitiara!

Hey Kit,
Just noticed at the bottom of the forums, and it wasn’t mentioned anywhere else except by david, that your name came with a 24 next to it in the birthdays list :elderly: Happy Birthday!!!

BTW: Happy birthday to takashi0808 and luvhimba as well…didn’t want to forget the two other birthdays in the list hehe.

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah… I didn’t want to do a post devoted to just one person (I keep getting accused of being a flirt), and didn’t know if me wishing everyone a happy birthday, every time I saw a couple names pop up on that thing, would work realisticaly.

Anyway… happy birthday to all those who were born on this date in history.

Blessed be

Curse the time difference, I only saw this thread this morning. :o

Thank you very much though guys, very sweet of you to notice. :slight_smile:

Had a very nice day, got into my office (of 4 days) to find my desk covered in balloons. There’s no fooling these people, I tell ya. And my other half bought me dinner and diamonds, so I am a happy girlie. :slight_smile:

diamonds??? You are a lucky lady indeed. Jesus… tell him to cut that out… he’s making the rest of us look bad. :wink:

Hey david,
Yeah, it wouldn’t work in most cases to create a thread each time someone’s name came up, but there are only a few of us who are regulars who post frequently. For example, if Phil’s birthday came up, we’d probably just brush by that as a software glitch (for Phil was never born but spontaneously appeared), but if someone like Edwin’s name came up in the birthday list, we’d have to close down the forums in respect for a few days =)

Kirupa :bandit:

Maybe in those kinds of cases, they should declare a national holiday and give everyone the day off to spend in quiet contemplation.

Or the pub.

Whatever takes your fancy. :slight_smile: