Hard Drive Failure - Any of you ever had this problem?


So I go to my comp, it’s frozen up and I restart it. Ya, everything normal. Whoa, what’s this? “Error loading operating system_” Oh…call Dell, we do stuff that doesn’t work and boom they tell me my hard drive is shot. Word…glad I didn’t back up any of my website .fla’s! So, a recovery specialist in town is checking my 200 GB WD hard drive out and he’ll get news back to me tomorrow. Just wondering, has anybody had good experience with getting the data recovered off their no longer spinning HD? Just want some success stories so I don’t feel so grim. And if you want, post those horrible unsuccess stories too. I hope this recovery junk works!


Good backup hard drive: anything by Lacie. I bought a 250 gig external drive by them, USB 2, really fast. I use it for music but it comes with a programme that you plug it in and press one button and it backs up your whole system. Only cost me £120 too.

I don’t know why everyone’s harddrive is dying. Maybe it’s heating? That’s a big issue with harddrives especially WD’s. My Dell came with a 20GB Seagate and it’s been running for more than 5 years now with the computer constantly on 24/7.