Has this ever happened to you?

Everytime I publish a movie (testing or otherwise) in Flash MX I loose all my panels. My properties, actions etc all dissapear. I even loose my tools and have to set it all up again. I am running windows XP.
Does anyone else have this problem?



Its happened to me a few times but not enough that it was a big deal but if it happened more often I would probably get pretty ticked off because I have to test my movies a lot!

It happens to me everytime i publish and it is ticking me off…alot.

what’s the deal?

Are the two of you both using XP? Because I hardly seem to have this problem.

I’ve had it for a week, but now it’s no longer a problem.
I don’t now why I had it, and why it’s gone now
So just hope the problem solves itselve?!?

try this: start you’re movie, go to window - panel sets- sellect the layout you want and restard flash.
maybe then flash wil remember the prefrences

(I use xp)