Hate me for asking

Okay, searched the forums but just a I cant find a quick answer to this 2 part-er…

  1. Can anyone recommend a “kirupa-style site” with an active forum that deals with JavaScript?

  2. I have a question specific to AOLs popup controls and how it would affect site design that uses JS popup windows.


did you try a google search for javascript forums?

or try posting in the scripting forums…

moving this to random btw…

I can help you probably if you have a Javascript problem. I’ m pretty Javascript enabled. :slight_smile:

who cares about aol browsers

*Originally posted by Digitalosophy *
**who cares about aol browsers **

my guess: AOL users.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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**my guess: AOL users. **

so your going to tell me you design to fit aol users?

What’s AOL?

DigitalPimp, you’re luck you posted this question in a thread called “hate me for asking” or else i was going to have to trout slap you. :stuck_out_tongue:

<font size="-2" color="#CCCCCC">…America On Line</a>

*Originally posted by DigitalPimp *
**What’s AOL? **


Reason I asked :

started working on a JS tut that uses popup windows. In order to get the example to work I hadda turn off my AOL popup controls. This presents a usability problem for me and uh, that small niche of users who might be using AOL 8.:wink:

well a lot of people have pop-up blockers, not just aol users. not really sure if there is a way around that

Let me ask you then,…

As a designer do you generally stay away from popup windows?


I hate pop ups on so many levels… I’ve got a killer permanently enabled, I only allow pop ups when I specifically want a new window or when I’m going through SotW entries.

As a rule, if anything spawns a new window I didn’t ask for, I close it instantly. But then, I am fickle. :sure:

I would say only if you have to, use pop-ups. Your probably better off opening a full window

soem blockers have sound, thats how i know. but its safer not ot have popups, uless you warn them…