Haul out the cake!

Yes, well, as *some of you *have HOPEFULLY noticed, I’ve been away from these forums for a WHOOOLE while, and now I’ve come back. So…yeah.

Just lettin’ the four or so people who actually care know :smiley:

I’d appreciate it if someone filled me in on the important stuff that happened over the past four months or so :beam: The important stuff, like bannings, new members, crazy new sites, Kirupa’s first baby, etc…

Cheers everyone and glad to be back :party:

a buncha new mods, battle section is the new hype, and kirupaforum is in a battle versus billybussey forums… nuthin’ new I think =)

Use the Search Function!

JK, welcome back my man.

Yah I guess I was one of the four that noticed your absence. I always missed the dancing pom pom… and didn’t your footer demand a dansih? Welcome back!

Lol Ethan :smiley:

And thanks Radiox, yeah, my footer did, and it still does…probably time for a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you seem to be a fan. You think those guys have been a little less than great with teh recent Strongbad emails? They seem to be missing weeks and running late a lot.

Well yeah, they sure seem to be running late. I mean, I recently noticed I hadn’t checked the new ones for a whole while, and when I did, I was surprised to see only a few had been added… But yeah, I think they’re kinda gettin’ tired of it after 100+ :smiley:

You would think that if you were making $50k a month and all you had to do was sit around with your brother and make flash cartoons you’d find a way to be less tired of it.

…they’re making 50k a month? Not for that, right? Or do they? :o

haha good point ethan.

I can’t tell if they are not as good anymore or if the fade has just died for me, the initial value is no longer there as I’ve grown accustomed to it.

They were in a wired magazine about a year ago and they were making 50k a month from there t-shirt sales and other merchandising.

Wow, I didn’t know that…well yeah, then you have a point indeed, thanks for sharing that.

Also, be sure to visit my new site in about two weeks, at www.fieldstarjogger.com

Don’t forget to visit the shop! :sure:

Welcome to Kirupaforums!


welcome back!

Lol, for a minute there I thought you meant that one (the welcome thing) :smiley:

I’d been sooo mad :bad:

Thanks man :wink:

EDIT: Ooh, they changed the sarcasm tags thingy! And none of you mentioned that! shakes fist :wink:

Yea Kirupa put a whole bunch of new tags up :P.

Hey EL - Do you have AIM? If not get it at www.aim.com for free!

I’ve DL’ed the AIM thing, just mentioning :smiley:

yaaa well i mean the strongbad emails have been kinda fewish lately… but on the whole they are a lot longer and more interesting a lot of the time… i haven’t seen much lacking. although their newest short is quite amazing :wink:
Here for those who havn’t seen it yet… ;)… oh and by the way… welcome back… although i’m probably one of those new members you asked about :smiley:

Yes that new short is pretty good.

And you name is either Jarvi and you scare people
it is Jarvis and you care

name’s jarvis… (last name… but everyone calls me that) and i suppose i care :D… long story for the name, (more then just caring…) but it kinda stuck for an email and now it’s good for usernames cuz it’s never taken!

p.s. hijack done, back to topic :thumb:

welcome, I’ve always missed the icon but didn’t see it for long since I joined just before you left :wink: