Have a fight with my gf over microsoft

yea i know it’s silly
i wasn’t in a very good mood and she wanted to uninstall microsoft anti spyware and replace it with norton anti spyware which we don’t have.

i asked her whats wrong with microsoft, she said… she didnt like microsoft. I said to her if this was another I-hate-microsoft-so-very-much-but-don’t-know-the-reason-why conversation. I asked her what the reasons were. She almost lost for words but finally she said cuz microsoft was vulnurable… i was like what the heck are you talking about… that was so not the reason. and If I wanted to argue further more I could. but she told me to shut it up. and I was pissed.

so yea we ended up having a fight.

i mean seriously… I know there are so many peeps out there who hate microsoft for good reasons. they know the reasons why they hate M. it’s solid for me, and I’m good with tat. However there are so many peeps who don’t know the reason why they don’t like M. It’s kinda childish I would say.

I mean, I just enjoy today’s technology. I have Apple with Tiger OSX and I love it. I have Windows XP Pro and I love it as well. I have PSP and I don’t mind buying Nintendo DS as well. I love Sony Ericsson I love Nokia too.

sorry for my rant.