Have a program starts on bootup?

that you want to get rid of?

check out this useful tool…


I just edit mine out in my system registry, this is risky if you don’t know what you are doing though. I have enough experience with it though so it’s all good.

yeah… me too…but this page discribes the procedure for a thousand plus individual programs. Since some place instance of themselves in mulitple places and under different names in the registry, and elsewhere… I thought it might be a handy tool for someone who didn’t really know how to go about getting rid of that stuff. :slight_smile:

Why does everyone say that messing with the registry will cripple your computer if you dont do it right?? I mean I do it all the time and ive never had

*Blue Screen Error Of Death *

hehe jk =)

I say it because when I was first learning how computers worked I crashed my Windows by editing the registry. I had to reinstall everything on my computer.

I learned from that mistake, but now I just tell people that if they don’t know what they are doing, then don’t edit it because there is a slight chance it could happen to them.

Oh yea, i definatly know how that feels =) Im the same, i tweek my registry , but i take precautions and know how to reverse my mistake (ussually) =)

Yeah, I am smart enough to know how to fix my mistake if I do make one. I have much experience with editing my registry. Especially since uninstalling programs doesn’t always remove them from your registry completely. When I uninstall something I want it out of my system completely, not partially.