Having logo trouble in 16-bit, with transparency. No more. Ideal solution for all!

The ideal solution I have worked out for any logo that you require 100% transparency background, none of this ghosting lark.


Have a copy of Illustrator for the design of the logo you wish to create. I guess most logos are created in Illustrator anyway. Once created in your *.ai format. Save this to a destination. Then import it into 3D Swift. remove all bevelling and depth dimensions, so it is a single flat logo, as you would represent it in Illustrator, then go to preview and export, and set up your desired parameters, and Bobs your uncle.

Export using *.swf.

And open in Flash.

Hope this helps some people, around this stupid transparency problem when importing *.png or *.gif images.

It worked for me this method; it should therefore work for you!


Trevor Saint