Well for months now I have been single, just waiting for the right girl to come along & fall in love with. About 2 months ago now I thought I might have found the right girl, we met one night when I was working, said hi a few times and then nothing for about a week when she finally msgd me on my phone, ever since then we talked for hours at night on the phone & she told me how much she liked me,

I had even spoken to her twin sister (Yep, shes a twin) & she had even said to me that her sister likes me, I thought everything would fall into place slowly, so I kept at it, talked to her, saw her, we even started hugging after we saw each other :love:, however tonight things changed…

I find out tonight she likes some other guy & I have basically been played. Which makes me feel great!! She has still yet admit this to me or say no its not true, but her sister has told me. Im now shattered, i started crying at work, which was very embarrising with customers asking “whats wrong?”, I dont know what to do, hence why im crapping on telling 36,000+ Kirupa Members my problem, im just heartbroken, i really liked this chick & I could feel myself liking her, not just saying that.

Anyway, i might speak to her tommrow, im not sure, if i do ill update you guys on my situation, I doubt it will improve, but lets just hope it does & that she really does like me,

P.S: If none of that makes sense, its cos im not really thinking, im just crushed & hurt, :(:(:*(:hurt::hurt::hurt: