Hey guys!
I can see that i have been givin’ some of you guys some hard math problems…huh POM :slight_smile: But then again, who would fight for a danish blonde…POM is trying hard and I mean HARD. Keep on fighting POM and maybe you’ll get lucky, if you what i mean :wink: WE HAVE TO WIN THE COMPETITION MAN! YOU CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! WE CAN DO IT! YES! CAN YOU FEEEL IT!

er du dansk?

det kan du dælme bande på makker…nordjyde :slight_smile:

I would fight for cheese danish… but not much else

i don’t even know why i’m replying.

Not another language! We need to ask Kirupa to consider making the rules about this more stringent. Phirst with the Phrench and now a Dane, is it? No more of those phunny charachters that my keyboard won’t even make-got it?
Thats not phair!



funny, i understand almost a word out of two of this strange language!

Öl !