Hello and help

hello all how is everybody? Fine I hope. I have been visiting this site for flash help and this site has always helped me when I need help. I need some serious flash help hopefully someone could help me. My site I am developing is working fine until I create a preloader scene, I have used a lot of different methods to code/create a preloader, but I get the same result. When I test my movie, my buttons which are a part of a movie clip when I click on them they do not go to the respective frames they are suppose to, but when I place my movie scene ahead of my preloader scene everything works fine. Is it because the buttons are within a movie clip? the code I have for my buttons without the movie clip is as follows: on(release){
_root.gotoAndPlay(6); with the preloader I have the actions for the buttons with the movie clip is as follows: on(release){

nothing seems to work

Please help
anu help would be greatly appriciated.