Hello from Upuaut.. sorry for being away

Just wanted to say that I’ve been a bit ill over the last couple of weeks. Some already know, as I’ve caught them on AIM, or by E-mail. It’s been playing havoc with my schedule and time restrictions.

I’ll be taking a look through the PAGES of posts since I’ve been online, and attempt to get back to any projects I haven’t finished covering. If you remember a project I’ve been working on for you, that I haven’t completed, just find the post and bump it to the top of the forum again. It will make it easier for me.

On a nicer note, I’ve actually had some time to work on my web sites, which are in sore need of updates and such; as well as some tutorials that Kirupa posters have been wanting me to do anyway. The lightwave tut should be done by the time my web site goes public in a couple of weeks… No later than X-mass to be sure.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, no matter the holiday. I’m a Solstice celebrator myself.


Yo upu’ , just today a was thinkin’, seems like a long time no post from ya, and there you are!
Good to have you back, open some ways… :slight_smile:

me from my new server… :slight_smile:

Hey upuaut,
It’s alright. We understand that you were busy :slight_smile: Glad to have you back hehe.