I think the masters have taken the day off

haha…no one is on the board today. I’m soooo bored…I actually created an entire website, design, actionscript and layout today…i’m workin on 3.5 hours of sleep, but they were the best 3.5 hours of sleep i’ve had in a while.

I just wanted to say hi to everyone, and ask where the hell is everyone!? lol

Hey jubba!
I’m right here. I’ve been quite busy writing tutorials for Swift 3D V2. I’ve created a few basic tutorials, but now I am about to tackle the complex ‘stuff’ such as landscapes, camera angles, and more. I have to write a review of Swish 2 tomorrow morning, and do a lot of homework that I have neglected to complete :slight_smile:


i have so much homework to do…college is more work than i originally thought. i keep putting off the homework, and papers, and reading…good luck with your work kirupa

I was in fact, away from the comp most of the day. I’m at work tonight though, so I’ll try to get to some of the posts. Weekends are nice for a rest. (actually I was playing halflife… :slight_smile: )

I play Unreal Tournament with the Tactical-Ops mod when I have time; it’s basically a CS-like game without the CS-like goodies :slight_smile:

Kirupa I will have to check out your tutorials on v2. I bought Version 1 when it was released and created alot of forum sigs… but I never found a good use for that program on a day to day basis. It seems as though the program created huge file sizes and was not worth the effort. So get some screen shots up :slight_smile:

And play some Metal of Honor, Th3Cleaner will be there :wink: .

Rogue Spear is the game to end all online-gaming


I love that game… but it’s not fast paced enough for me when I want to relieve stress

i have a punching bag for stress, and when I’m at school i have my roommate…he makes an excellent substitute for the bag. :slight_smile:

I’m just waiting for Unreal Tournament 2, Unreal 2, WarCraft III, and Duke Nukem Forever to come out; those games will be really good. I heard Ghost Recon is a good game to play online as well.

Anyone got a release date on “DN forever”? I’ve been waiting for that for a long time now.

i’m waiting for warcraft 3. if you guys haven’t seen the pics, check em out: <a href=http://www.firingsquad.com/>here</a>

looks really really good.
me? school’s been bogging me down too, but as soon as the college acceptances roll in…SENIOR SLUMP TIME!

ooo as long as we’re lamenting over stuff to come, has anyone seen any of the screen shots from the long awaited “Never Winter Knights”?

It looks too cool… and it’s due soon. I’ve been waiting at least 3 years, possibly longer for this one. It’s a roleplaying game like “Pool of Radiance” based upon AD&D rules. The hook is this: Complete ability to DM a game, as well as construct moduals for your players. I’ve heard that no other similar program has come close for creating online role playing games.