Hello im new and glad i found you

:thumb: hello im new here my name is rafael i am a student at broward comunity college in the state of florida usa i am pretty new to this whole graphicdesign thing and i love it its some much fun i decide it to follow this career because is so fun and how much you are able to do with this great softwares like flash my favorite and adobe etc … its awsome

im glad i found kirupa its so helpfull and great you guys arent sellfish thats awsome so much i learned from you

i also want to than j at www.cartoonsmart.com for his help and as well as my cousin alex from [url=“http://www.onehugeeye.com”]www.onehugeeye.com and mr [url=“http://www.keyframer.com/”]http://www.keyframer.com/ for helping and replying when need it

i hope i can count with kirupa when i need help and maybe i will be a pro like you guys one day

visit my site www.vitalgraphicdesign.com not that bad for a beginner right ?:tie: