To the people in here

well well, i´ve been very new to the site :slight_smile: been here a lil while though.

used kirupa a lot, as i´m new with flash and graphics :wink:
this was one of the best places to start my search…

i´ve read post, tutorials and looked at a lot of stuff, some of you guys are amazing at this :wink: and being ruff with comments and the like, helps.

i´ve already learned lots of it, and i´m working on a little site, just to check what i know so far. And by reading stuff in here, getting new ideas and trying out stuff, i think im really on the way here :).

im heading to a graphics kinda school ( dont know the actual english word for it ) and im excited about it, and i will still continue to spend some hours in here. Cause i really get inspiration from here.

At first i felt a little embarrased by asking questions and the like, cause you all seemed to be the big pro´s at this stuff, but a lot of the answers i got, were very good, and useful. The critique i got on work i submitted was hard and i was feeling a little " ups, what did i do wrong ". but then again :slight_smile: i took the words on me, and worked it out. i will soon post what im doing, and i´d very much like some more critique on it.

just wanted to say, you guys are very inspirational to me.



:love: :love:

:love: :love: :love: