Help Again-Experiencing Severe load problems

Hello again-

I have two ISP’s at the moment as I switched ISP’s to solve some issues. But now, just today, I try to log on my site from Blue-Light-Takes 4 minutes and my ads don’t show up. I go to and it loads in 15-23 seconds-This is consistent with about 15 log-ons and log-offs with each service today. I need to make sure this is not a problem with me or my site. Would you mind just trying to log on and see how long it takes; This way I can see how much of it could be a local problem or how much a problem with the ISP. Personally everything points at Bluelight. If it is that, it would appear that Bluelight puts you on an empty server when you first sign up and changes you to a ****tty slow server after a week or so of fooling you. Thats what it looks like anyways, as this is the very first time since I have had Bluelight and experienced this problem in a week of having the service.I am so sick and tired of crappy ISP’s that do nothing more than lie to you and rip you off. So if you dont mind, tell me if the site werks on your ends, it would be appreciatted-



I tried 7 hous worth of stuff to make the problem go away. I then tried a different phone number for my dial up an whammo-it werks again like normal–So thanks anyways, but you don’t need to bother checking the load time. I have the problem solved.