HELP! Controlling External Movies


I have a movie (movie1.swf) which loads “movie2.swf” onto level 2. What
is the scripting to make it go right to a specific frame in
“movie2.swf”? What if I wanted it to go to a specific scene in
“movie2.swf” right away upon load? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance…

It is possible. Load the movie into level2 and use


Try this

Flex, thanks for the quick response, but I’m still hitting a snag. Here is the script I used:

Frame 2 of my movie:

loadMovieNum(“navigation.swf”, 2);

Frame 3 of my movie:

_level2.gotoAndPlay(“cart”, 1)

“cart” is the name of the scene I would like “navigation.swf” to go to. BTW, I wasn’t able to view the file you had left as my current computer is secured Fort-Knox-style. Thanks again.

It won’t go there if the movie is not loaded. Use a frames loaded check to see if the movie is loaded yet then go to the scene.

That was indeed the problem. Thanks for the help!