loadMovieNum(); to a new SCENE

hey guys

i’m using the loadMovieNum(); to load external swf files into my main movie…

is there any way that i could use that action and direct it to play a certain scene within the loaded movie…

example… i have the main movie called main.swf

from main.swf i put a button and on the button i give the action:


this will load the new movie onto level two inside main.swf, right?

is there anything i could ad to that to make it load the 3rd scene of page.swf… or would i have to tear the whole project up and seperate all the scenes as seperate external files?

It actually loads the movie into level 2 of the flash “player”, not the main swf… just for the record. There are subtle differences.

Instead of scenes, try using frame labels. Find the place where you want the movie to goto, create a frame label layer if you don’t already have one. Set a frame label like “startingFrame”.

Then you can use code like


for the record _level2.gotoAndPlay(3); will do exactly the same as _level2.gotoAndPlay(“scene3”,1);

the question is where do i put this _level2.gotoAndPlay(“startingFrame”);???

the AC i have now will load the movie into LEVEL 2 OF THE FLASH PLAYER, and what then??? i can’t say:


it doesn’t work… all my “pages” that are loaded goes onto level2, so they actually replace eachother.

so i’m sitting on a “page” (already on level2)… now i click the button on THAT “page”… its going to execute the script in THAT order… first it loads the new “page”, and… oops! the rest of the script is gone… meaning no new frame label or new scene.

you see my problem?

thanx for the try though. :slight_smile:

you could use a global variable…

on (release) {
_global.frame = 3;
loadMovieNum("page.swf", 2);

then put this script in the first frame of page.swf

if (frame) this.gotoAndPlay(frame);


this one sounds like it could work…

thanx… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

no problem. =)