Help Creating A Navigation Concept

I have started creating a navigation layout but before I go on I would like to know if it can be done. Basically I want a MC to ease to the rollover buttons but in an arc rather then a straight path. I have attached a flash movie to help explain.

Any help with this problem is appreciated.


why dont you just mark the key frames to the bar/arc animation? Lets say the bar curves to the top button, mark that as button1Frame. Then when you rollover, it can play the timeline up to that frame. The problem with this is that making it go backwards is a little tricky, but not impossible.

Yes thats where I got into trouble, traveling in one direction is fine, it’s when the user skips around thats the hard part as it requires the playhead to move back and forth.

Lets see, thats really nothing but a simple direction calculation.
Let me show you an example code:
button1.onRollOver = functoin(){
frame_now = _root._currentframe;
frame_destination = button1_frame_label; //frame number of rollover state
if(frame_now < frame_destination){
direction = 1;
direction = -1;
_root.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(this._currentframe != frame_destination){
gotoAndStop(_root._currentframe + direction)
Something like this might work, of course you’ll have to tweak it a bit.

bobdoe your a SUPERSTAR, after some tweaking and the sample code you supplied, I have basically got my navigation working, now I just got to create the graphics. Thanks a heap for the code.