HELP emailthing

Can I make it in flash where someone types their email into an input box and whenever they send it by pressing enter or something, it sends them some mail saying thankyou or something???
Another one that doesn’t deal with flash is how do i make a gif or jpeg footer for my signiture and avatar???

To make a footer, well, u could make one in flash 300 x 60 (or less). But to make one as a .gif or .jpeg, get a graphic program like photoshop or fireworks. If you have flash you could make a gif or jpeg also. There is a method. Make all your stuff in flash, (import graphics, draw, animate), then, go to file>publish settings>Check off gif or jpeg, flash is so handy huh…

if you click on “User CP” you should see a setting for it (It’s on the bar under the kirupa header… User CP, Register, Calendar etc etc etc. Look for stuff about flash with PHP for the e-mail question.