Help! flash 8 - hidden object game

i’m very new to flash and i am programming a game for children where the user finds hidden objects in a scene (like i-spy). when the objects are found, they appear in a “found objects” area to the side. they can be found in any order.

** my question is this:** how can i program the game so it knows when all of the items are found (six in all) so that it will play a “good job!” scene? right now i have the game programmed up to where all the items are found, complete with sound and animation.
i have been researching for awhile and thought maybe it could do event dispatchers and conditionals when the movie clip timeline for each object ends… i can’t figure it out <:(

thank you for your help!!!

…i’m actually having some trouble making this work.
the objects i’ve hidden are in movie clips with invisible buttons on them. when the user hits the invisible button, an animation plays. (each of six objects has an animation)

do i put the

on(release) {

code on the invisible button?

Yes you put

on(release) {

on the buttons

You put this

score = 0
found = function () {
 if (score == 6) {

on the timeline