Help with game

I’m putting a game together where you have to find 5 hidden objects on the screen within a time limit.
when you click on the object a red circle appears around it, showing you that you’ve found it.

there is a blank button over each hidden object and the target contains two keyframes, the first blank and the second the red circle. the code is as follows

on (release) {
tellTarget (“three”) {
gotoAndStop (2);

My question is what actionscripting do I need to tell the game that if all 5 objects are found to procede to the next section.

I tried this but it doesn’t seem to work (3) being the next section

if (three._currentframe == 2) {
gotoAndPlay (3);

Any help or tutorials would be greatly apreciated

Check the score tutorial on this site. And any reason why you’re checking the current frame?

pom :asian:

You just need a counter variable. Every time one of the buttons is clicked correctly, increment the counter by 1. When it equals 5, then move the movie on to the next screen.

thanks that’s so simple, I forgot about Occam’s Razor :slight_smile: