Help - flash mx 6 AS for simple preloader doesn't work for me

hey guys, just signed up here finally. i’ve been referring to this site for some time now as i have gotten back into flash. i am trying to make a simple preloader. i’ll give a simple breakdown of what i’m trying to do and i’ll also attach the fla i made in hopes that someone can help me out. well here goes:

i’m trying to make a preloader that when the percentage reaches a certain point it will play frame 2 of a movie clip that has an empty frame on frame one with a stop action. i want to continue this method to keep loading more move clips upon certain percentages. i hope i’m making sense…anywho, let me also give an apology to all of those AS gurus out there that may look at my code and laugh. heheh i don’t mind. that’s why i’m here. to get better. well, if anyone can download this and take a look at it for me and give me some advice i would greatly appreciate it.

thanks to all in advance.


p.s. - if anyone likes the preloader/animation feel free to use it. i would appreciate it if you could leave the copyright on it to give me the credit, but if it totally cramps your style, you’ll prolly just take it off anyway so whatever. it’s the price i pay for asking for help…heheh. doesn’t bother me. :wink: