Help for a card game

I have a game named Tripoley.

What happens is the dealer shuffles the deck, and passes the cards out to everyone, until all the cards are dealt out. He gives every player 1 deck, plus makes an extra deck. If the dealer doesn’t like his hand, he can switch his deck with the extra deck. Whatever deck he doesn’t choose does not get used for the rest of the game.

The person on his left plays their lowest red/black card, 2 being the lowest number, face up in the center of the board. The next number of the same suit is played by whoever has it. When nobody has the next card in the same suit, the last player to play plays their lowest card of the opposite color of what was played last. (If a four of hearts was played last, a low black card has to be played next).

Does anybody have any tips on how to make this game?
If you don’t get these instructions, or you need the rest, I can post them.