Help gurus me in trouble

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hello … me again …as usaul facing a problem
well is this possible in flash 5 and if yes how

in sci-fi movies you see the bright light behind charcters …yes something like the ray of light …how do you apply it to shapes
i do ot want the light to move from left to right but shine …through…from behind …example

a logo(with this shiny light) comes from the glowing…scaled up and then moves to the right in a rythm while it is scaled down to actual size and placed …the light behind becomes brighter at the end …yes…something like an ecllipse …the sun behind and the moon in front…
but using all different shapes …hope anyone can help


Do you mean like this?

I am tween-challenged so other than that I can’t help you much, sorry.

well thankyou lostinbeta
but do if you see your footer…at the mouth of the champagne bottle you see the gradient … can this be done in flash

No, I don’t believe that exact effect can be done in Flash, but if you go to Window/Panels/Color Mixer (Or something like that, the location is different in Flash MX which is what I use, but I think I remember hearing that in Flash 5 is under Window/panels), then you choose gradient from the drop down you can try and make your own custom gradient.

I believe David has a tutorial on an effect similar to the one you’re talking about :slight_smile:


does this help?


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