Making a light trace an object or text?

As on this page here at the top there is a light that traces the text. Anyone care to explain how this is done?
Thanks all.

Just for info purposes, I know how to get the motion guid, just don’t know how to make the light!

the light is just a motion tween that probably uses a motion guide for its path…

I thinkhe meant how did they draw the ball of light, not how did they tween it.

My best guess is a radial gradient. Go to Window/Color Mixer , select “Radial” from the drop down menu. Change the first block to white, and the last one to Alpha=0, slide the blocks to the settings you want then just use the circle tool and draw your area.

[size=1]there are tutes out there to teach you how to make lighting
effects, etc. It’s basically just a gradient mask to create that
effect as far as I can tell. I’ve never actually made something like

I guess I should…hmmm



thanks all,
and yes I know about tutes, I have read to many. :frowning: Yeah I drew a couple of those radients along time ago but can’t get mine to look like his. But it still looks ok I guess. His looks great. Anyway thanks.

Well maybe it isn’t just 1 gradient. Maybe he has one type for the center color and beneath that he has the bigger circle with a different gradient to spread the color? Then he combines the 2.

Just another one of my theories :-\


I thought the same thing myself, but could never get it to look the same.

Hmmm, you should draw it in photoshop, export as a .png so it has partial transparency like an alpha setting, that takes up more file size, but if all else fails right?

I still think it is done with gradients, just good planning with them.

yeah lostinbeta,

I might try that in Photoshop and see what happens. thanks.

No problem :slight_smile: