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hey guys, Now im trying to teach myself graphic designing with tutorials and lesson on line. I got psp7,adobe photoshop7 and adobe illustrator 10. I was wondering How can I take a figure and make like an outline out of it(like tracing it)? hope you guys understand what im saying…plz help :slight_smile:

Do you just want a siluet outline or do you want an outline of every line in the image. Are you working with a scaned drawing and tracing it?

i wanna know both :smiley: I am not working on anything… im just trying to learn things I wanted to learn b4… if you can explain how it’s done that will be cool =)

There are a number of ways you can do this. The following tutorial is for flash but it works the same in Illustrator.
tutorial If you do a search you can find many other tutorials on how to do this. It is all about what programs you are comfotable working with. I make my complicated strokes in Illustrator then port them in to flash or PS depending. Traceing a picture in PS is very hard but bringin an AI. file from Illustrator and coloring it in PS works great.

As for a siluet if you have a outlined selection of just what you want the siluet to be it is simple. Just drag you brightness and contrast right down with the object selected. This will drain the color out and leave you will a black filed siluet. You can also find tutorials on this by doing a search.

thanx :smiley:

No problem hope it helped and didn’t confuse:)

another question :smiley: is there a way to transfer image that i traced/workd on from flash… to gif?

Go to File/Publish settings. In that window there will be an area where you can select a checkbox to publish a .gif file.

Or you can go to File/Export Image and choose .gif from the file type drop down box.


No Problemo pardner:cowboy: