Help! I am not understanding drop down form properties

I have tried over and over and over to make this work, and I can’t!!! I have created a feedback form, but when I click on the responses that I created in the drop down box, I don’t get the results… all I get is an e-mail that states something like B1 confirmation, and that’s it… I need serious help! thank you!

Hey LaurasMomma,
Did you specify anything under “Value” in the Drop-Down Box Properties? When you specify a descripting phrase under “Value”, you will see the phrase displayed in your e-mail for the appropriate drop-down item. That should hopefully solve your problem.

I have entered values… what I am not understanding is the “select” or the “not selected”; and then when I try to finish by telling the form where to e-mail the results to, it says some jibberish (sorry I don’t remember exactly) about that e-mail not being listed

here… I got the exact message:

this form is being created on a disk based web or the frontpage server extensions have not been configured to send e-mails. please direct your service administrator or ISP to the instructions in “setting up e-mail options in windows” or “setting up e-mail options on UNIX” in the server extension kit. if you do not have the server extension kit, you can find it at:
would you like to remove the e-mail recipient?

WHEW!! okay, english please!!! I have tried that web address, and I can’t get anything. I always check NO, but whenever I try to test my form, it does get sent to the correct e-mail account, so I am basically ignoring that message.
but I still don’t understand why the form is not working. please help! I have come this far, and I hate to get stuck here! aaaagggghhhhh!

Is your HTML page’s file extension .htm or .asp?