Help I want to know how to make a password protected layer is this posible?

Help I want to know how to make a password protected layer is this posible?
if it is please tell me because i want to put a link back to my site on a open sorce flash on my site witch they can download and put on there site i really need too! (ps your tuts help me alot!)

Yeh using if statements you can get whatever you want to happen depending on the input in the field:

Make a dynamic text box.

Then give it the variable pwInput.

On the button, have this code:

on (release) {
    if (pwInput == "PasswordHere") {
    } else {


When the button is pressed, it checks if pwInput is equal to whatever password you want (replace with PasswordHere).

If it is the password you put, it goes to and plays frame 2, you can make it stop at this frame, or have it go somewhere else that shows that access is granted.

If the password is not what you put, it goes to and plays frame 3, you can make it stop at this frame, or have it go somewhere else that shows that access was denied.

You can change everything to your liking. This is the same thing as what Insomniac provided, just shorter :P.

Hope it helps,

Well you gotta love that! I wish someone would shorten all the answers to my problems! :stuck_out_tongue: Nice one Reefster

Lol - sorry I just felt like typing. Didn’t mean to steal your spotlight :ne:.

Hey no sorry I didn’t mean it like that - I seriously meant that I would appreciate it if someone did that when I had a problem :wink: it’s cool that you helped out :slight_smile:

Oh alright :). Hopefully I can always shorten problems :P.

BTW - Did the password actionscript work?

no no no i think i worded it wrong let me put it differenty

i want to make a full website on flash and then i wont to give it a way as free ware meaning i want to put a link on it but i dont want any one to access the “Powered By My Portal Software” (My Portal Is My Site) Or The Link To My Site ( and i want to make sure they can edit any thing else but the powered by and link to my site

i hope you understand!


ok? so i simpleize it again!

i want to put two pices of text (a link to my site and powered by) i want it so that people cant edit it when its a fla. file but they can edit the rest (eg other text pics link (every thing apart from powered by… and the link to my site))

please people i need help it for my schools site and i need this help quick if you are searchin right now i apoligize (sorry) sorry for the dobble post

Ah I see. So you need 2 pieces of texts that cannot be deleted or edited.

I’m trying to think of a way but they just keep messing up…

You can’t have the texts loaded because the user could just delete the text box and the actionscript or ANY actionscript to take it off…hmm.

Right I see what you mean. I don’t think there is any way of password protecting layers in the .fla file itself. The only thing I can think of is if you externally load the two bits of text you want - then they would be able to change those bits of text, but nothing else. If that is a viable solution, take a look at this:

If you externally load it, the actionscript to load it can be deleted so I doubt theres any solution unless it’s some type of plugin or component but still theres a chance of no possibility.

A good idea might be to make an MC that will load the text into a certain x and y position and you can use actionscript to format color and stuff…

And then it’s good to make this MC SUPER SMALL and then hide it somewhere really really far away from the canvas. You can even hide it away from the outer canvas. Then you can change it’s library name to some type of thing so the user thinks it’s only something that has to do with the rest and what he can edit ;).

yes i like the last one but how do i do that X and Y cordanat thing

oh you wanna edit everything except the text. yeh my bad in that case ignore my idea of externally loading stuff :stuck_out_tongue: (/me goes to hide)

Make sure you find out some tutorials on how to use the CreateTextField function. And also how to create links using actionscript.

Oh and about the x and y - when you use the createTextField function, the x and y goes in the parenthesis, example:

createTextField (“PrdByTxt”, 100, 20)…Stuff like that. Just learn how to use that :).

i 've tried too many time and the text aint genorating could one of you look at it the Y+X and the hight and width are all right could one of you look?
here the file

please people dot give up on me yet please help my school counting on me and this is the best flash site i know!