Help! its stressing me out!->>moving menu

i am learning this moving up and down menu, it is like the one on this website: …i can make it move but the problem is trying to insert buttons within the menu that enables me to go the next scene. i am buliding my flash file based on mulitple scenes. so far i have been using the code :

a.onRelease = function (){
gotoAndStop(“Scene 2”, 1);

but it only works on the main timeline

please help me!!! i have been trying to write some codes to help myself but it is not working and i am too embarressed to show u guys!!!

if u can, recommand me so tutorials to learn how to navigatate with this kind of menu! i cant find it on kirupa

[AS]onRelease = function () {
**_root.**gotoAndStop(“Scene 2”, 1);

Actually, I’d suggest not calling a scene but rather naming the frame you want the playhead to advance to via the properties inspector.

At build time, all “Scenes” get compressed into one long timeline, so Flash has no way of knowing where the “Scenes” are or were. They exist simply to help designers in the authoring process.

In fact, gotoAndPlay doesn’t even support scenes in AS2.0. That’s why it’s not working. Disregard anything you might read online or in the help file.

Just name your frame and then try:

myButton.onRelease = function() {

To navigate to the start of a scene, simply name the very first frame of the scene whatever you want to use to call that scene. But make quite sure you have unique names for any/all frames in a level.

I was hoping someone would say it. :thumb:

Thank you so much!!! it worked!!!

Glad to help. :wink:

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