Dire Straights.....Need help!

This may be a silly question but it’s stopped me dead in my tracks and I’m totally screwed!!

Here’s the page: http://www.empire13.com/wip/hipsoul/

I have a movie clip that has 4 buttons nested in it, it’s a dragable nav…

There’s 5 scenes to my site…

I can’t seem to get any of the buttons to jump to the next specified scene!!!

For example,
I’ve got this script in place on the “Portfolio” button:

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay(“Portfolio”, 1) ;

Scene: Portfolio
Type: Frame Number
Frame: 1

I just don’t get it!!! From what I can tell it should be working but when I test it the button does it’s animation but takes me absolutely nowhere!!!

No tutorials have been able to help, they all assume that what’s written above works just fine!!!

Is it the dragable nav maybe?

HELP!! This sucks…

It would be easier to see your problem if I could see your .fla, but without it I think your paths could possibly be wrong especially if your dragabble menu is a movieclip. Try specifing that its the _root timeline.



Hope this helps


Here’s the .fla file…


I’m a total newbie so go easy on me if some of the ‘flow’ is wrong, I’m only 2 days old!!

Any and all advice is appreciated!!



Don’t fret, my friend. That is one of those things that never seems to work quite right in Flash. It’s a big mistery. Some people have said that Flash will flatten the file. I know this NOT to be quite true, for you can still use the nextscene command, which negates that theory.

I will tell you that the quickest and best thing you can do is just name frame 1 of Portfolio. Just make a layer and call it labels and give frame 1 a label like “mylabel”

then, your statement on the portfolio button will be


this will take you where you want to go without additional hassles.
Good luck!

what I found weird about it is that the Nav thingie shows up every time. It is possible that has something to do with it. However, the frame label is easy… or even the function you suggested, which I believe works before you specified which Navdrag to apply the action to…
just my opinion, though.

For some reason I can’t get that to work, its very weird I think its having trouble finding the right timeline because the button is in a movieclip. Whenever you place a gotoAndPlay action on the main timeline it works fine. So I added this code on the first frame of the SPLASH scene:

_root.NavDrag.Portfolio.onRelease = function(){

That seems to work, I’m baffled as to why the other code didn’t work, strange!!

Hope this helps


Gentlemen, you have been the utmost help in relieving my troubles!!

I understand the very basic idea of scripting and can figure some things out for myself but when the obvious does not work I look to the professionals for guidance!!!

Montoya, the labels concept makes sense but did not end up working still…

Iceman, your last post works if I put that code for each menu item…I thank you for this!

My only other question at this point is something Montoya mentioned about the Nav thingie showing up again…do you mean on every scene?

Each scene has duplicate symbols in it, including the whole logo/nav menu…

Anyway, I thank you both for the help and I’m gonna stick around these boards from now on and see if I can offer my expertise in other design fields!





Glad I could help, definitely stick around this board is great!!!