Help - Load Movie and Pass Variables

I’m sort of a newbie to Flash. I can do some basic stuff, and some actionscript (due to background with coding), but I’m not too familiar to all the syntax and stuff.\r\rAnyway, here’s my question:\rI’m trying to do a demo with a fastforward button and a rewind button that will go to the next scene and previous scene…however, due to the format that my predecessor created used…I’m stuck with alot of scenes. The navbar (ff and rewind buttons) is in a .swf file called main. The actual demo is in demo3.swf. I created a loader scene to redirect to the correct scene (when ff and rewind are hit), but I’m not sure how to pass the variables needed from the main movie. What would be the correct syntax or steps?\r\rI would appreciate any help I can get.\r\rThanks

do you have all the original files in FLA format? (sometimes they only leave us swfs…:slight_smile: )\r\ryou say that you’re stuck with a lot of scenes. Is this absolutely necessary, or can you cut the scenes into separate movies?

Yeah, I have the fla file.\r\rI never thought about cutting them into separate movies. That’s alot of work though, eh? I was just thinking to leave it the same, and adapt to it. Maybe it’s not a good idea…What do you suppose the best plan of attack is?\r\rBtw, thanks for replying.

how big is the total file size?\ris it meant for the web, or for a cd distribution?\r\rIf it’s larger than 100k and meant for the web, it would be best to cut it up into smaller chunks

It’s meant for the web.\r\rTherefore, I guess I should make each scene a separate movie clip? Right?\r\rThnx,\rMark