Pass Variables Between Movies?

I’m trying to do a demo with a fastforward button and a rewind button that will go to the next scene and previous scene…however, due to the format that my predecessor created used…I’m stuck with alot of scenes. The navbar (ff and rewind buttons) is in a .swf file called main. The actual demo is in demo3.swf. I created a loader scene to redirect to the correct scene (when ff and rewind are hit), but I’m not sure how to pass the variables needed from the main movie. What would be the correct syntax or steps?\r\rThnx,\rMark

i need the same answer too. right now im currently working on a pretty decent website entirely made of flash. the problem arises in the menu. on one of my link buttons that the user can click on, a branch comes down with 2 more buttons to click on. (ie: Media - lyrics, mp3’s). the animation for the branch that comes down off the Media button is in another .SWF movie. My code does not work for this branch movie cause all my code is in my main movie with the actual link buttons. getting all this? i need a way to transfer variables from my main .SWF file to my media branch swf file…thanks alot.\r\r\r-Eric

Wait a second. You load a movie clip inside a movie clip, or you have 2 different movie clips ? I’m not sure I understand (too much English for me…).\r\rpom 0]

um… i think i might know what you are talking about… try looking at the ‘advanced rollovers’ tutorial… it might help… it shows how when you roll over a button to have somthing stay until you roll off… and i think if you replace the text that comes in (as it shows in the tutorial) with another button… it will work how you wanted…

I briefly looked through the tutorial…but I’m not sure how the rollover stuff is relevant to what Eric and I are trying to do. We have a movie that calls another swf. The swf is placed onto level10. From the main movie, I need to access an arbitrary next scene of the level10 movie. The nextscene thingy is the problem…I can jump to a specific scene with no problem…just passing variables that tell me what scene I am currently in so that I can transfer to the appropriate scene. It’s not really a rollover - I can do those. Unless you’re talking about that tellTarget command? How could I incorporate that into what I’m trying to do?\r\rI appreciate your help.\r\rMark

Lemme try to help you guys understand more, this might be lengthy im sorry.\r\r\rThis is a code for all the buttons on my menu bar so i can switch pages, it’s labled properly:\r\r(1)\ron (release) { \r\r(2)\rif (goto!=“page4”) \r \r { \r(3) \r tellTarget (goto) { \r gotoAndPlay (16);\r } \r(4) pageNum = 4; \r \r goto = String(“page”+pageNum);\r tellTarget (goto) {\r gotoAndPlay (2);\r }\r }\r}\r\r(1) you select the button\r\r(2) if the button u selected is not currently displaying it’s page, then proceed \r\r(3) *goto is a string variable i made to determine which movie to goto to display pages. each movie is labled “page1”, “page2”, “page3”, and “page4”) \r *this specific code will play a movie to disappear the current page the viewer is on\r\r(4) *while the old page is bluring out, i set the current page to the page selected by making pageNum=4\r * goes to the move, and plays it so it displays it appearing on the screen, then ends.\r\rNow that that’s over…there’s another code when you click on the MEDIA button. when you click that button, it tellTargets a movie to play, so it shows another lil menu is sliding down from the MEDIA button with 2 more buttons. those buttons i cannot pass the variables you see above specifically pageNum. I hope this helps…sorry it’s so lengthy.\r\r-Eric

ok i took 2 pix of my website SO FAR. it looks corny but all websites do when they’re 1/3 done. The pix show my menu, one displaying the buttons and the movie clip that’s played when u push the buttons. The other shows the actual branch that scrolls down when u hit the MEDIA button.\r\

ok that’s the wrong link sorry…this is the right one

<a href=“<!–EZCODELINKSTART–><ahref=“http://i”>i</a><!–EZCODELINKEND–”> i

ok i dunno why it’s not letting me put a link on here…here’s the url tho:

ok i dunno why it’s not letting me put a link on here…here’s the url tho:

ok, i see, so you’re trying to make a tree menu, sort of. i know how to do this, the first thing you have to do is: