Help! Make a Flash Button Open up a page in another Frame! plz

I need some help here please i’m making a website for a guild i am in on an online game i play and i need to know how to make a flash button open up a page in another frame. For Example: I have a page with 3 frames Top------>(topframe) (mainframe)<—middle (bottomframe) <------bottom. What i want to do is make a Flash MX button in the bottomframe open up a webpage in the mainframe(middle) when i click on the Flash MX button on the bottom page. I need to know how to do this with a flash button. please help thanks ive tried all i know.

On your button, place a geturl action. Just fill in the url and target and it should work fine.

Here is the code to put on your button:

on (release) {
	getURL("page_to_load", "frame_to_load_into");

Its self explainitory but if you have any questions just holla back!

when i do what u said it doesnt work it just acts as if i had this code:

on (release) {
getURL(“”, “_blank”);

When i Use this code.

on (release) {
getURL(“”, “mainFrame”);

I substituted “main” “_main” and “_mainframe” for the “mainFrame” part but none of them makes it work either. the page is at if u want to see it. i want one of the gems at the bottom to load a new page into the middle frame.

help help plz (:

i thought you guys were like flash experts or something. can’t there be something done with javascript to get around this. or does someone want to show me a webpage where someone did what im trying to do

I did buttons on my page like that, and being a flash expert doesn’t mean I have to be surfing the forum 24-7 to answer questions, I’m starting my senior year and I had registration this weekend so sorry for any delays, I will look more into it tonight and post back with a reply!