Help making a form

here’s my code

<form method=post action=> <input type=text name=YMP[0] size=06 maxlength=100> <input type=radio name=action value=subscribe CHECKED> <input type=submit value=Submit name=submit></form>

i want to make a form in flash using that. what should i do… dumb i am, i should read ur tutorial… duh, i’ll reply to this with my problem once i have one.

ok here’s my problem, i need to set the form thing. in html i’d put:

form method=post action=>

where do i put that and how should it look?

next i have to put a radiobutton, but that’s easy enough. and how do i set this button that i made to a submit button? how do i make the thing now it’s the submit button? help!!

i have more!!
the code for the input box should be
input type=text name=YMP[0] size=06 maxlength=100> in html.

the radiobutton:
input type=radio name=action value=subscribe CHECKED>

the submit button:
input type=submit value=Submit name=submit>

and how do i set the page it goes to after you press submit?

ok what i want my stuff on is attached. just can someone fill it with code and stuff for example?

:cowboy: please someone help. :cowboy:

Well, I wrote a form tutorial. Check it. Then to send your variables, use loadVars.

pom :asian: