Help me :( (background kinda thang)

hi, does any one know how to get a thing going on this site like where u click a button the the background or woteva moves to a certain part…without it goin straight back from the 1st page each time u click it…

my problem is… wen u click on a link, say ‘contact’, the background will move to the 1 i want from the main page, but then if i click, say ‘portfolio’ the background will play from the main one again and not the previous page i am viewing…

iif anyone understands any of that and can help, id really appreciate it, thanks alot! :slight_smile:

I think I know what you mean, you want something similiar to the navigation on the page that you posted. That navigation takes alot of code to achieve but you want to be able to scroll back through your menus instead of going straight to it. There is a tutorial on the site that Pom does it I think its what your looking for.

Hope this helps


yes, thanks so much i really appreciate it…:slight_smile: