Help me convert this flash 5 code to flash 6

hi guys,

I’ve got this countdown timer that was created back in the days of flash 5. I’m trying to add it to a new movie I’ve created that I’m exporting using flash 6 and the timer doesn’t work. No numbers even show up. I’m assuming that it’s due to some conflict with the version and the script that each one supports. Is there anything in the following code that I can change to make it compatible with my flash 6 movie?

Thank you very much!

// This tells text field “sec2” to count down by subtracting one
set("/:sec2", (/:sec2-1));
// This states that if text field “sec2” is less than 0 then tell text field “sec1” to subtract one and add a nine in text field “sec2”, hence completeing the seconds countdown.
if (/:sec2<0) {
set("/:sec1", (/:sec1-1));
/:sec2 = “9”;
// This tells text field “min” to subtract one when text field “sec1” is less than zero, hence counting down the minutes then setting text fields “sec1” and “sec2” to 5 and 9 reseting the seconds
if (/:sec1<0) {
set("/:min", (/:min-1));
/:sec1 = “5”;
/:sec2 = “9”;
timeUp = (/:sec1 == 0) && (/:sec2 == 0);
if (timeUp) {
getURL(“”, “mainFrame”);
} else {