Help me lastinbeta!:)

hey thanx for helping me last time again :slight_smile: unfortunately i have another question. Im trying to have dynamic text so i can update the site without having to update my whole site. Again, I read the tutorial by kirupa, and i did get how to do it this time =) but my question is… can you make the dynamic text box to blend in my background ? like make it look like just a normal text writing instead of text writing in a box …(hope you understand what i am saying…) thanx :smiley:

If you mean that you don’t want it to have a border, then yes you can. Just click on your textbox and hit CTRL+F3 to open the “Properties” window.

There is a tiny square button somewhere in there that has what looks like a sheet of paper with 4 lines. It is right at the end of the [Ab] [<>] buttons. If this button is not activated, your textbox will not have a border.

sweeet dude thanx again!! :slight_smile: you are my mentor!! oh yah one more thing… how can you get rid of the middle part of scroller? cant you just have up and down arrow ?

Um, not if you are using a component. If you make your own scroller you can, but that is a pain. I think pretty much the only thing you can edit on the scrollbar is the color.

I could be wrong on this, I haven’t worked too much on the components.

how can you edit color? that’d helpful … sorry for buggin you lostinbeta

nevermind i found it :smiley:

Ok, let me see if I can explain this.

Click on your scrollbar only (not the text area), give your scrollbar the instance name of “myScrollBar” (without quotes). Right click on the frame and open up the “Actions” Panel.

Add these actions…

myStyle = new FStyleFormat();
myStyle.face = 0x999999;
myStyle.background = 0x666666;
myStyle.arrow = 0xFFFFFF;
myStyle.scrollTrack = 0x666666;
myStyle.highlight = 0xFFFFFF;
myStyle.darkshadow = 0xEEEEEE;

Change the colors to whatever hex value you want. Please don’t ask for hex values, theres are hundreds depending on what color and what shade.

ok thanx man!

No problem.