Scroll help - file attached

here is the question I posted before, however i’ve changed the graphics to use a smaller size picture to make it possible to upload here.

The scrollpane works horizontally back and forth… (takes a sec as the picture begins off to one side)… but not vertically… the rest of my post was as follows… I’d appreciate any suggestions… thank you

"I did some customizing with the scroll bar. When I use it with dynamic or input text, the results are good. When I use it with a scrollpane component, there are problems. My questions are:

  1. with the text: is there an alternative to white background for text? I can’t locate how to change that.

  2. The graphic scrolls left and right, but not down… and not really up. The “customized” scrollbars seem joined and missing the down arrow. That is, it’s like a 3 point backwards L shaped bar with up, right and left arrows and NO down arrow.(the down was present in the scrollbar with text.

  3. The area of the scrolled picture exceeds the placement of the scrollbars. That is, the scrollbars appear to be set into the picture (when the movie is tested). I did create them “thinner” than the standard ones. Is that why? How can I fix all this?

There is a an easy way to change the background of the dynamic text box. See it in the fla, also I managed to get the scroll bar working up, down, left and right, but just need to extend the window of the box so there isn’t a gap between the mc and the scroll bars.

Have a look and you’ll see

Try this

hi Flex… thank you once again. I see you accomplished both things, but i’m still struggling with it even with your files right before me.

how DID you change that background color? It might be easy but I didn’t see WHERE you did it!! (doh)

also, you said to “expand the box” to close the gap between the scroll bars and the mc, but I’m not seeing where you did that either. In the fla, the scrollpane is 100px in both directions in both your clips… which box is it you expanded?

thanks again…

Well for the dynamic text box, deselect the border around text box, and just draw your own rectangle! Use no outline (can if you want) and if you have snap to objects on, the rectangle will fit the area of the text box.

As for the other one - you have to edit the scroll pane and edit the actionscript. Changing the values for the x and y of the scroll bars and width of the mask.

Look at lines 145 & 146 and lines 268 & 273. Compare with your one. Just added +10 in all cases

you are so generous with your knowledge Flex… thanks… I’ll check it out.

You’re welcome. Let me know how you get on .

hi Flex… I found the code and I see where you’ve added +10.

I suppose it malfunctioned due to changes I made in the position of the arrows and/or track of the scrollbar. I think I"ll go back and look closer at the original placement and height of the default scrollbar.

The amount (+10) is probably about the amount I moved those arrows which became dots on top and bottom.

thanks again

I actually deleted your scroll pane and did it from scratch so I don’t think that was the case.

Let me know anyway.